by Kris Reid  April 30, 2010 11:09 pm

I dropped my bag off the 15th floor-I guess you can picture what happened to the contents. If it had only been my stuff in the bag, just my mobile and wallet it wouldn’t have been an issue, but one of the girls had just put her camera, wallet and phone into my bag to hold. Basically everything is beyond repair; what are my responsibilities in this situation? I feel absolutely awful, but also strangely furious with her for giving them to me to hold. We’re not really friends, she had spent the week being really horrid to me, and just on the last day(when I smashed her belongings!!) decided to be nice. I’m so broke at the moment, I really can’t afford to reimburse her at all, and I won’t be able to until the summer holidays when I can work again. Why does this sort of thing always happen to me?!

by Kris Reid   9:37 pm

Debbie Armendariz from the Austin Toastmasters Club gives an Ice Breaker speech on what she does that man women don’t.

by Kris Reid   12:27 pm

My car is under warranty, so I didn’t have to pay for the following repairs…
Three new wipers, front and back
One new spring for airbag sensor inside instrument panel
Extra lubrication for acceleration pedal

by Kris Reid  April 22, 2010 5:07 pm

My nasty neighbor, who is being evicted this week for non-payment of the rent (she’s about three months behind with her rent now!) AND causing the water pump to break down AND costing our landlady over $2000 in repairs, not to mention illegally tampering with the electricity meter (and eventually smashing it completely with some tool) when her power was out because she didn’t pay her power bill, is a downright low-life, free-loader, leech on society, ghetto type sad and very rude individual with eights kids from God knows how many different men. She heard me talking outside about her & the situation she put herself in, among other things, to my landlady’s estranged husband about an hour ago now and once he left, she came up to my kitchen window, which I had left open due to clement weather, and verbally abused me & threatened me.

She barked, in no uncertain terms:”Before I leave from here, I’m gonna beat yo mother******* ***!!!”

What do you think the best course of action should be?
I should also add that the police had to be called over to the house by our landlady because of what she did to the electricity meter at 11 o’clock at night.

My boyfriend & I have helped her numerous times in the past with all kinds of favors, which is unbelievable considering she was never a friend to us. We even let her use our extension cable through both our windows when she had no power on three different occasions. She also came over many times to beg us for grocery & household items (dish detergent, sugar, pepper, bread, etc.). She borrowed countless DVD’s from us and five of them were never returned and we even drove her places on a few occasions when she didn’t have access to a car.

She even had the audacity to borrow my boyfriend’ cell phone several times and once, she claimed she only needed to make one call and when I eventually checked the calls’ log later, I found out that she in fact made 11 different phone calls!

When I finally saw her true colors, it was too late..
I forgot to mention that my boyfriend and myself have never asked her for ANYTHING!!! We are a self-sufficient couple and we are proud of it.

Some people have enough nerve to behave the way she does, I guess. I bet she’s been doing it her whole life, who knows?

Some people spend their whole life taking advantage of kind & generous folks like us.

She is scum and I strongly believe that she needs to be put behind bars at the earliest opportunity, if only for the fact that she has destroyed property here and cost the landlady over $2000 in damages & repairs.

She even had the nerve to beg our landlady to use her security deposit against the rent one month because she couldn’t afford to pay it, once again! Because our landlady is a sweet young lady, she finally agreed, but reluctantly I’m sure!

Why should we move? We have done nothing wrong! And the area is really nice around here too. We are in the countryside, so to speak (outside Houston TX), with a couple of horses running free…

by Kris Reid   7:01 am

my apartment got broke into twice….the property manager boarded up the window that got smashed and said that it would be repaired within two weeks…. a month passed still no window and im ready to leave. my lease is up in july 2009….is there a way that i can vacate the premises without penalty? what can I do?

by Kris Reid   5:35 am

I’m slightly interested in cars and would like to save money on routine car maintenance. So I’m wondering what are the easier things for a novice to fix or replace in a car? I don’t exactly want to get under the car, but more under-the-hood types of repairs.

by Kris Reid   3:25 am

ok peepz
i got a nokia 6101 a few years ago and i unlocked it to other networks and it was fine up untill i got my phone smashed and when i got it repaired it was saying phone restricted but ive already unlocked it the once can someone pleeeeaaassseee help me fix this problem i got it originaly with optus and i want it to take a telstra sim card so my fionce can use it,

thanks in advance to those who answer


by Kris Reid  April 21, 2010 11:31 pm

it’s all different colours on the screen and i can’t see any numbers, not to mention i don’t have insurance on the phone… how do i repair it?

by Kris Reid   4:42 pm

Product DescriptionTotal Car Care is the most complete, step-by-step automotive repair manual you’ll ever use. All repair procedures are supported by detailed specifications, exploded views, and photographs. From the simplest repair procedure to the most complex, trust Chilton’s Total Car Care Manual. . . . More >>

GM Camaro 1982-92

by Kris Reid   7:07 am

I have had my Wii for about 2+ years (March 2007) so obviously my warrenty is overdue. Now, I called the Nintendo Help number and they said that I could have my Wii fixed for free because they can prove Super Smash Bros. Brawl broke it.

I have read at multiple places that the “old” Wiis have a bad laser for Brawl so the Wii just needs the new laser. Now seeing how I love Brawl much, I downloaded Homebrew. Now, before sending it, I don’t want them to think I did something so bad other than getting Brawl+.

So, is there anything that I could use (someone told me about AnyTitle Deleter) to erase everything that could be bad before sending it. I have taken everything off (everything = every game data that I could take off and all channels that I could take off) So the only things that remain are the disc channel, photo channel, news channel, weather channel, and wii shop channel. All the data that’s left are 4 games and they are the games SSBB, The Conduit, COD:WAW, and RB2.

Now I heard that the AnyTitle Deleter could delete anything I want, so I would have no idea what to do until I do it. So. hopefully you could help me with these questions:

1) How to get every trace of homebrew off my wii?
2) If Nintendo finds homebrew on there, will they not fix it or make me pay or something?
3) How long it could take for my wii to get repaired. Thanks.

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