by Kris Reid  September 28, 2008 4:04 am

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  1. by Kiffin September 29, 2008 at 7:02 am

    Highly doubtful since you canceled the collision and comprehensive coverage. You could ask the carrier, but I’m pretty sure you’re not going to get anything out of them. Sorry, but I think you’re out of pocket on this one.

  2. by bundysmom September 30, 2008 at 10:38 am

    IF you have collision coverage your repairs less your deductible will be paid by your insurance. If you do not have collision coverage….read your policy to see if you have Uninsured Motorists PROPERTY DAMAGE (UMPD) and hope the guy is uninsured. If this is the case you’ll only be able to recover UP TO $3500 and this does not include rental needs. In order to recover under UMPD 1) you have to have a p/r, 2) there must be i.d. on the car or driver, 3) there must be contact b/w the vehicles.

    Since it’s a hit & run, sounds like you’re outta luck since you have no i.d. on the car or driver.

  3. by Sue October 3, 2008 at 7:23 am

    Well, all I can say is it depends. First you must have uninsured motorists property damage. From there it depends on the laws of your State. Some states say a hit & run accident will be covered under UMPD because the driver of the other vehicle cannot be identified therefore it is assumed they are uninsured & will cover the damage to your vehicle, less a deductible (there wouldn’t be a deductible if you carried collision coverage) up to the actual cash value of the car or the amount stated on the coverage, whichever is less. Some states say in order to collect on UMPD the driver must be identified & it must be proven there is no insurance (which is easily done – the police report would tell you if there was an insurance ID card with the company name & policy # & then you would call to find out, or it would say no insurance). In these states, the only way to cover a hit & run is if you have collision coverage. One state I know of (NH) says the UMPD is will only pay if the at fault driver is identified, had insurance at the time of the accident BUT the insurance company was insolvent – so they would not cover a hit & run under UMPD – & you would have to have collision coverage in this situation too.
    The best thing to do is to call your insurance agent – they would know what the laws of you state say & be able to tell you if this hit & run would be covered by your UMPD coverage.
    Oh & by the way, comprehensive does not cover hit & run – it is fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage, hitting an animal, etc. A hit & run is a collision & would be covered under collision coverage if you had it.

  4. by Mike_Bell October 3, 2008 at 11:07 pm

    If it happened in my state, and I had liability with the uninsured motorist clause, it would pay up to the value of your car, or the damage, whichever is less.

    But, if you have a cherry 1997 Contour, it’s most likely going to cost you 5-6000 to replace it with a car of equal features, and you’ll most likely get about 2,500 bucks or so via Kelly Blue Book.

    Sorry man, you got the shaft because somebody was a jerk and hit you.

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