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The market is now flooded with all brands and models of flash memory cards for your NDS or DS. I can not think of twelve top of my head, even if they do not take into account all counterfeits and clones. As with anything, some are better others and no one can top Zero M3i. From the same team as him success on Broadway and M3DS Real M3DS Simply, map DSi is now available in our store.

When Nintendo released the v1.4 update for the DSi, all cards have been blocked, and many users were left in the cold. Shortly after the 1.4 release in August 2009, the teams have developed solutions for SDHC cards that R4i. While solutions have proven themselves, "DSi mistake reading the flash card as a normal DS, there is no guarantee that future updates can not Nintendo make flash cards fully functional.

What is special about the M3i Zero is that it comes with a USB adapter cable to connect the PC directly. Although the style is still used Micro SD reader included to add files to the micro SD, USB connection cable allows equipment M3i be fully updated new firmware M3i Core Team. This ensures future compatibility with any Nintendo update could be released. The Supercard DS, also has a USB adapter to the physical map, but the M3 team has a long history of quality and menu software loads much faster.

With this critical capability to flash the firmware M3i Zero also has its own custom GUI interface with media player. It's really easy to use and does not rely on the separation of Moonshell homebrew you would have to be used with other cards like DSTT SDHC R4i. faster loading, better integration, and support the best team in the business, things that are no less R4i SDHC. Even if you are still persevering with a DS and DS Lite DSTT flash card, zero M3i is fully compatible with the DS systems.

Features of the Zero M3i

Compatible with the DS, DSL and DSi.

-100% Compatibility with games.

Compatible with the Save in real time. (Save & Restore anytime, anywhere.)

Support multi-language system (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean and Thai Language.)

-Continue to update and improve the frequency of software / firmware.

Support micro SDHC (capacity larger than 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB ...)

"Very easy to use, just Plug & Play.

Super Cheat Function

Fully AR Cheat Code compatible engine.

Support reading individual cheat code file too. (XML, cht, dht, DAT-R4)

Software compatible with other functions.

support function at idle.

Game-detect and generate save file.

"Excellent homebrew, DLDI auto-patcher


-Building on PassMe.

"At least version 2.0 Intergraded Moonshell.

-Supports Download Play.

-Supports rumble pack, expansion pack for GBA and DS Browser.

Supports 4-scale lightness adjustment.


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