by Kris Reid  May 20, 2010 11:03 am

A taxi driver decided to switch lanes without looking today on a roundabout and as i was right up the side of him, he smashed into my car and the whole side of my car is smashed up.. I went mental, i was screaming and yelling and everything.. but then i calmed down and realised it was just an accident and my insurance would sort out the damage as it was HIS fault not mine..
About an hour ago, his taxi driver boss rang me up and said “so i believe the accident was your fault” i said no of course it wasnt my fault.. etc etc.. and explained.. He said “ok i understand, i will question him and get back to you later tonight”

Well its nearly 11pm and he still hasnt called..

If this man decides to blame me, what option do i have?? There was a passenger in the taxi but i believe they are friends as he used her phone to take photos of the scene..

I am so worried incase they say its my fault and he claims off my insurance.. If this happens, i will have a smashed up car that i’m liable to repair myself (brand new car, bought 9 weeks ago!.. cant afford to repair it.. only insured third party, fire & theft) and also my insurance will be so high next year as its my first year of driving and i am only a 17 year old.

My question is.. what are my options? What can i do to prove it wasnt my fault?

Thanks so much!

Oh.. nobody stopped their cars except us involved in the crash, so there are no witnesses..

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  1. by LeAnne May 20, 2010 at 11:32 am

    No police report????
    Sorry – but it’s your word against his.
    Don’t get any further involved – just fill out the necessary insurance papers and let the insurance companies hash it out.

  2. by genell rodgers May 20, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    that is why witnesses for you are extremely important, you i think are supposed to report toour insurance company right away… and if there is an issue you might have to get a lawyer… agin that is when witnesse are important….and always have disposable camers to take pictures of skidmarks , damages to both vehicles… because the adjuster gtspaid to research it .. and you need as many peopleon your side as possible… also .. the cops sould know always … because their opnion will matter.. on wo wins the CASE…

  3. by MSAD May 20, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    Hopefully you called the police and they filed a report.

    Regardless if the police took a report or not:

    You don’t need to wait on the other guy to call you back. It’s not his decision whose fault it is. It’s the insurance companies.

    So, call your company and report the claim to them. They will assign the claim to an adjuster. The adjuster should call you and take a recorded statement from you about what happened. They will also inspect your car.

    They will also contact the taxi driver and get his statement and look at his car.

    The adjuster will then decide whose fault they think it is. If your companies adjuster determines that it was the taxi’s fault, they will deny his claim.

    If they determine that it was the taxi’s fault and they have paid to fix you car under your collision coverage they will pursue subrogation against the taxi driver or his insurance.

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