by Kris Reid  May 13, 2010 11:16 am

hello, please take a moment to read through this. any help would be greatly appreciated :D

ok so the other day when i booted my laptop, the pointer won’t move (i was using both the mouse and the touchpad, neither worked) then i tried rebooting it, hoping that it would fix the problem but when it rebooted, windows failed to start, so i was like wtf. i lost my repair disc, so i thought i was screwed. but no, there was still hope as there was an option to do a system restore and it worked and i can see my desktop again(yay!). but the problem remained, i still can’t move the pointer and i am frustrated at this point. i also noticed that everything in my security was turned off (antivirus, anti spyware, firewall, EVERYTHING) i tried navigating (with my keyboard, and yes it was still possible) to my norton and attempted a complete virus scan, and i was pressing start and it won’t run. this led me to the conclusion that my laptop is pretty much f*cked up (probably by trojans or any malware, i don’t know).

please help me as i love my laptop and i would not want to smash it against the wall.

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  1. by 44caliber May 13, 2010 at 11:17 am

    i bet this is a Trojan not a malware or a worm.
    Sorry brother but you will have to format it.
    If it’s a hp. alienware or a laptop from a good brand, you will have to send it to the company coz you cannot do anything about it. (they restricted re-installation of windows and MAC)

    Don’t be too late.
    Hope this helps.

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