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Rental car is not an area of the gains made, and persons traveling on a farm. The Americans use the rental car as an affordable way to meet their transportation needs. Dozens of multinational car rental booths occupying any major airport. Hundreds of car rental lesser known function along the main roads and parking of all major commercial center.

And because of their accessibility, rental cars are often the first contact when it comes to getting an average of transport, being stabbed in the city, or move across the state. Yes, this is not required on a special refinement of the tenant.

The formalities were brief and almost anyone with a license, you can enter the car, he or she knows very little about ...

No, I do not talk about your skills or your level of skill in the conduct of an unknown model or brand. The problem lies in the fact that you take temporary possession of property of someone else, not knowing what hidden defects, and damage limitations.

And do not count on the staff of the court of the location. They are there to sign the lease and you return the car. And if you do not know how to take care of your interests, you can have a bad surprise ...

If you thought that once you have paid insurance, you are fully protected, Think Twice. Have you taken more care, and read the "fine", you think that restrictions that are paying your $ 30 or more per additional day, a waste of money.

There are so many restrictions in the insurance policy of the rental car, which is practically useless to pay for protection against damage from your own pocket. Especially if, in the case of relatively small problems, cost $ 500-1000 to resolve, in the adjacent panel beater.

What? Are you trying to explain that you did not know? No excuse. It pays to read and regulations, or know ... pay your pocket. Although it is not the rule, because employees can rent a car, will attempt to hide their own mistakes, and you will suffer. Here are some typical examples of situations that have prevented the tenant would have saved significant monetary costs and mental distress:

- Urged the current car has dents and scratches that were not on the lease. The work to correct them is against users of the current car.

- Reducing the car, the level of gasoline has not been verified and confirmed as complete. Tenant credit card was charged for gas top-up ", despite the fact that it was not necessary.

- The car returned to the place other than the pick-up point. It costs an extra $ 170 is the transfer fee to move the vehicle to its original location.

Although these situations the money could have been avoided by the tenant to read the lease carefully, nobody would actually created without the unfair actions of the staff.

Without much generalization, these problems are usually when treatment with rental companies smaller car, where the owners will try their "bottom line" on every opportunity to improve. In the case of large rental companies will often be the result of malicious or employees to cover their own mistakes.

Whatever your personal situation, it is your responsibility to ensure that you fully aware of the legal implications of your name to the car rental contract. If in doubt, ask the service counter, visiting certain websites on the subject will help you better understand the issues and more responsible behavior.


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