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Paintless Dent Removal (DSP) is one of the best techniques available for body work and similar lesions on the surface of the bodywork of a car with it, the first option for many bodybuilders.

To put it simply, Laos is the process of massage and relaxation on the surface of the metal bumps back to its original formation with the objective of the car to the surface a clean finish. This process is much better than traditional methods such as the much cheaper and requires less effort on the part of the bodywork as it leaves intact the existing paint. This is mainly due to the fact that the metal should not be forced and pushed into position, but more quietly moved into place.

If you take your car to the bodywork there are some steps that have been conducted to determine if the RDP is an appropriate choice for the repair of damages, including research on the tooth position, size and depth of the east.

This means that a tooth can be repaired if it is fairly shallow, with small scratches and sharp edges, the size of the tooth is the optimum size of a hand or something. Finally, the positioning of the Dent will play an important factor for access to the tooth is a major issue. Unlike conventional techniques that the recovery of a hammer to the tooth damaged area, it is part of the body can be removed from the rest of the car, which means it takes less time and not damage the Painting by the hammer strikes.

The technique is applied by the bodybuilder may vary depending on the part of the car is dented and the access it has.

RDP is a special procedure for a particular set of tools and techniques to be used only with quality auto body and repair shops. For best results, it takes patience, a steady hand and experience the impeccable finish of the paint and recreate the body of the car.


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