by Kris Reid  June 3, 2010 11:07 pm

there’s a girl at school I like and we used 2 be friends. when I asked her 2 the end-of-the-year social last year, she euphamised “In your dreams” with “sorry, I’m going with my friends,” and it’s probably because I’m artistic insted of athletic. I like being creative, not getting my head smashed in for a football. or maybe because I used 2 have a rep for “annoying as hell” and another 4″loser beyond repair.”now I’m hanging with the populars, and mostly with THE most popular, but the girls still go”ugh/omg, that’s the annoying kid, (my name here).”but still, I have some friends that r girls, and there’s a few chix that go”Hi, (my 1st name)!”enthusiastically in the hallway.I’m on the same buss as the girl I like, and she’s like”oh, please some1 switch seats with me”when there’s no seats left but the 1 next 2 me.and when I blend in with the background and she sits there,some kid is like”omg, (girl I like),ur sitting by (my name)”and she goes”aaah!”and runs 2 ………(see details)
another seat. now that I’m hanging with the top of mount everest, do you think it’s worth another shot? …man, this is tough…
she used 2 be one of my good friends, and she used 2 help me come up with titles 4 me artwork… and I can never get her off my mind…idk what 2 do.
oh yea, a couple of nights ago, I started working on abbs. I have scrambled eggs all the time, so my arms are really muscular… 1 problem is that vegitables make me sick, and I can’t get enough meat. meat is so good, but veggitables, too.

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  1. by Beth L June 3, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    I dont… no offense or anything but the girl you like sounds like a total snob. You probably deserve more than that, she treats u like trash.

  2. by Gerry June 3, 2010 at 11:40 pm

    No problemmate there is a few things u needto do i was like that once. do these things.
    1) bodybuild gym every week
    2) become more friends withpopular
    3) be very confident
    4) dress cool
    5) new haircut every month

  3. by sammy June 4, 2010 at 12:02 am

    it sounds like she is in with the in “in croud”.and dare not do anything that may jeopadize.her status.dont try yourself.i was abit shallow at school and now i look back at the guys that liked me and i wouldnt give them the time of day then and they are all doing really well is harsh but life is real after.dont chase her friend.if she doesnt see anything good in you now she will regret it later because all the other so called top guys may be wasters.have you seen romy and michelles high school reunion.check it out you will get exactly what i mean.

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