by Kris Reid  June 8, 2010 11:01 pm

The tactics of the Battle of the Somme..
-German barbed wire cut & trenches and dug outs smashed.
-British troops being able to walk over no mans land and not run after a huge artillery bombardment.
-Carry over heavy trench repair equipment to rebuild and defend German trenches so they couldn’t reclaim them
Is there any I haven’t put?
& I need to know evidence on how they didn’t work (such as not many people were killed because of the artillery bombardment so when the men tried to walk over, they had to run, and the barbed wire being like 30 Meters wide so it wasn’t cut properly.) and evidence that they did work?
Thank you.

by Kris Reid  June 6, 2010 7:02 pm

Wife’s coworker was fired, and during an irate and speedy exit he smashed her front end, and now we are having multiple computer issues with the car.
She immediatly filed a police report in Manchester, NH but after a phone call this morning we have no confidence that this guy will be apprehended (security at her job had the guys info so Manchester police didn’t consider it a hit & run, despite him fleeing the scene of accident)

Should I hire an Attorney? What can I do about repair costs?? Should I be complaining about the level of police cooperation in this matter??

by Kris Reid  May 31, 2010 7:06 pm

my car broke down in my school parking lot, and then when my mom came to get me in her car, her car broke down too. she got her’s started, but i had to get my car towed to the mechanic shop. while the car was sitting in the car mechanic’s parking lot, along with other cars waiting to get fixed, a big snowstorm hit my town. while a huge truck was going down the road in front of the mechanic’s parking lot, the truck slid and went off the road into the parking lot and smashed into my car. it smashed into my car and 3 other cars, out of the 50 cars in the parking lot. now not only do i need the engine in stuff fixed, now i need my back bumper repaired. *sigh*……

by Kris Reid  May 29, 2010 7:02 pm

i mean im currently studin at uni. its my 2nd yr n i’ve got to study another 2yrs for my civil engineering master. but what happends after that with this Sh!ty economical crisis goin on i cant do Sh!t. my gf just left me. i had my car parked in da street and another car just smashed into it and drove away. im left with $1000 aussie dollors for repair.

im just thinkin of giving up and just live life like a gipsy. (sorry for course language)

by Kris Reid  May 19, 2010 7:04 am

On March 23, two big branches of city (Palo Alto, CA) owned tree in our front yard fell and smashed my windshield. It also caused dents all over my car. My neighbor across the street witnessed the whole thing and were not only shocked about what they saw and heard, but also worried that their two little boys could get hurt as they play on this quiet street a lot. It worries me as I also have two little kids. We took the advice from the neighbor to file a claim against city for the cost of damage repair.
After two months, we received a letter from city and its “claims adjuster” consultant indicating our claim is rejected. Here is what said in the letter:

“We have received the report we requested from the City’s Tree Department. That report indicates that the City had no notice of dangerous condition of the tree. The City did not cause the tree limb to fall and had no way of knowing that it would fall. Based on these facts, your claim is denied.”…

What should we do? Is it fair? Thx!
Thanks much for your answers. If City is not responsible for any damage caused by city-owned trees, and I cannot get rid of the tree because it’s city-owned, what should I do to protect my property as we all know it will fall again sooner or later. This time is my car and hopefully my little kids will never get hurt because of the tree.
I thought I would only use my car insurance when I am the one causing accident (or to cover those without insurance). Why should I use my insurance for this incident?
Thanks again.

by Kris Reid  May 5, 2010 7:19 am

so the other day someone smashes into my car and totals it in the middle of the night and just drives off. so now since my car was so old it doesn’t make any sense to try and repair the damages. my father lives in texas, i love in new york with my mom and step father. so after trying and trying to get my dad to cosign and trying to get my stepdad to cosign we have finally reached a semi agreement. there is a toyota corolla that is 10,000 and my dad would drop a 2,000 dollar down payment, my stepdad would cosign and i would make the $160 monthly payments. i work at target so i dont make all that much each month but i do need a car. but my dad still thinks i should get something like 4,000 and pay it off in cash and not worry about a monthly payment, which is smart because i will be going off to school soon and im pretty sure it will be hard to work and go to school. but then again i think that it would be good because its a good car and if i get a 4,000 car it will be more than likely a peice of junk and will cost me alot of money in repairs and stuff. i just have no idea what to do

by Kris Reid  April 21, 2010 7:07 am

I have had my Wii for about 2+ years (March 2007) so obviously my warrenty is overdue. Now, I called the Nintendo Help number and they said that I could have my Wii fixed for free because they can prove Super Smash Bros. Brawl broke it.

I have read at multiple places that the “old” Wiis have a bad laser for Brawl so the Wii just needs the new laser. Now seeing how I love Brawl much, I downloaded Homebrew. Now, before sending it, I don’t want them to think I did something so bad other than getting Brawl+.

So, is there anything that I could use (someone told me about AnyTitle Deleter) to erase everything that could be bad before sending it. I have taken everything off (everything = every game data that I could take off and all channels that I could take off) So the only things that remain are the disc channel, photo channel, news channel, weather channel, and wii shop channel. All the data that’s left are 4 games and they are the games SSBB, The Conduit, COD:WAW, and RB2.

Now I heard that the AnyTitle Deleter could delete anything I want, so I would have no idea what to do until I do it. So. hopefully you could help me with these questions:

1) How to get every trace of homebrew off my wii?
2) If Nintendo finds homebrew on there, will they not fix it or make me pay or something?
3) How long it could take for my wii to get repaired. Thanks.

by Kris Reid  April 14, 2010 7:25 am

I got rear ended a few days ago. my trunk and bumper is smashed in. i filed a claim. today my car broke down on the highway. the CV joint came out of my transmission (i know nothing about cars, my friend looked at it for me). i guess the seal blew out causing this to happen. what are the odds of the seal blowing out from the impact of the accident? do you think my insurance will think the same? how much would these repairs cost me?

thanks for your help!

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