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“Vintage Cars” – Restoration Tips From A Classic Car Junkie!

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Gary Gadget: Building Cars

by Kris Reid  May 12, 2010 3:23 am

Hi, yesterday late at night our car passenger side of the window got smash by a robber trying to take our stereo system but they can’t get it out they left marks and scratch on it. Also our slider door the bottom of it gets scratch and it is messed up too because I think that they try to get in the slider door first then the glasses. We call the cops already and they give us a case number. Then I call my insurance State Farm and they told me to tell them which body shop are we going to get it fix then call them first and foremost before we make agreement to do anything at then they told me Lithia will be great because they don’t just do glasses repair they do whole body shop kind of mechanic. So we went there and then the guy said that he is going to give an estimate to the insurance company and they told us to wait for the phone call, so does that mean that everything is taken care of and we don’t have to call State Farm because he is alread giving an estimate to the Insurance company

by Kris Reid  May 4, 2010 11:53 am

Hello people, please help me out.
My car was parked in a private parking area and the front part was smashed by a driver when he was backing a van. I have already gone filed a claim with his insurance company and the company has already assigned an adjuster to me and he is gonna call me today, i havent talked to him at all, i just left voice mails to call me back asap. My car’s front part was smashed, rightside headlight was out of place / snatched out, grills were torn and some bolts or parts might have fallen down at the accident spot. Should i demand for repair or total my vehicle ? My classes are gonna start from Tuesday so i’m in a deep deep trouble now, i dont have any rides. I have these questions :

1. I have permit but the accident happened while the car was parked, so is there any problem for me? cuz all fault was of the other party.
2. If they provide me with a rental and i dont have the license, but my best friend/ roommate does, can we take the rental car on his driver license and he n i will use the car to go to college? is it compulsory for the rental to be on my name?
3. will the insurance company give at least some downpayment for totalling the vehicle because I really need to buy another car if i have to because i have to go college 4 days a week. so frends, u can figure out how much i need a car.

please help me out frends,,,, this was my first car accident and my car was parked !!,,, I appreciate you for any advice, thanx

by Kris Reid  March 21, 2010 2:26 am
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