by Kris Reid  May 25, 2010 3:02 pm

ok so there’s a guy i know and a few years ago he crashed his mid-’90′s honda interstate gold wing. it looks like it should be in a junk yard at first glance. the bike now sits in my g-ma’s garage because the guy lives with her. he is slowly dying of his 3rd kind of cancer. he is a creeper but id like to buy the totaled bike. the plastic fairing, hard side boxes, trunk, and fenders are smashed to crap, but i can discard lots of plastic or repair and make a nice custom bike. how much do you think i will pay?(considering i hav no relationship to this man) or should i wait for him to die and then just grab the bike and worry about the title later?

by Kris Reid  May 2, 2010 7:03 pm

I got into an accident last night where I reversed into a Nissan 350z. I hit his front left bumper with my rear right.

Fortunately, I did minor damage to his Nissan 350Z bumper… There’s a small puncture (maybe a milimeter or so) below the lights (all the lights work ok, the people inside were ok and no structural damage, just bumper and paint). How much would that cost? Would you need to replace the whole thing (how much) or would a repair be more advisable (how much)?

I need to repair my rear bumper (Honda Accord 2005 silver coupe). The paint’s peeled off and the bumper’s dented in pretty good, but no punctures. It looks like someone smashed it in with a grapefruit, but the reverse curvature is almost perfect. Should I replace it? Or should I repair it? How much would either one cost?

Thank you in advance!

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