by Kris Reid  June 4, 2010 7:18 pm

This is long so either read it or just take the free points. (It is interesting though)
A few years back I was dating this girl and we were together for just under 3 years but like with every relationship we ultimately parted ways (on good terms). I then entered into a very casual relationship with girl from my then sumer after high school cliché and that was a great transition for me from a committed, long-term relationship to a no-strings attached arrangement but it may have been too soon because I started hooking up with my ex again while seeing this new girl…which was fun for awhile but when they found out it wasn’t great for me but I ended up being able to keep the new girl for awhile longer before she started dating a close friend of mine so we then cooled off on seeing each other. I managed to repair things with my ex and we were able to remain friends even though that does occasionally get awkward. Later that year my ex turned 21 so she, one of her girlfriends and I went out bar hoping and get fairly smashed and needlessly long story short; I ended up hooking up with her friend on her birthday…which strangely enough didn’t end our friendship, she actually just stopped talking to her friend. And now, just shy of a year after that incident the girl I was with right after my ex (who was dating my friend) came back into town (she moved to NY for school, I live in Chicago) newly single and we started talking again and began hooking up again during her holiday breaks and on my friends birthday (they had a bad breakup). But yeah, we were hanging out at her place the other day with one of her girlfriends and one of my buddies and some pictures were taken, nothing raunchy or anything just documentation that the evening took place really and they ended up on FB and my ex posted “Sloppy seconds?! Very classy.” on my wall. Now this struck me as odd, why would she be jealous? Why would she still want anything to do with me? Why do girls stick with sh!itty guys like me? I don’t get it

by Kris Reid  June 2, 2010 11:01 pm

its a 2000 jeep wrangler sport that was in a wreck. The tailgate was smashed in and the top is down in the pictures of when it was at the repair shop. im not sure if the top was down at the time of the accident. when we got the jeep, the top was up. the body was all fixed up and the frame of the top doesn’t look bent. the front bar that sits on top of the windshield and latches into is is cracked but it appears very straight and it is very sturdy still. when i put the top up, it takes about 20 minutes on a good day and longer on a bad day. i cannot remove the back window because the zipper is messed up (salt from the roads and all that good stuff). the rear side windows are hard to get in because they hardly stretch and the zippers are kinda messed up. to get the header bar (thing that latches into the windshield) in, i normally have to pull on it with all of my weight and use a soft hammer to tap the latches in. my basic question is: is all of that due to the top just being 9 years old or would the crash have messed up the top hardware also? like i said previously, the hardware looks fine and the top still flips up easily. its just the latching, the stretching of the fabric, and the windows that i have troubles with. thanks

by Kris Reid  June 1, 2010 7:02 pm

I have a weird problem, my PC shows Im connected and my IM program works and my anti-virus updates so my internet is working but my internet explorer isn’t working it just says cannot display the web page. now I tried downloading fire fox and that dint work and I tried opera also and that has the same message “cannot display the web page” spyware doc and avast and norton and anti malware I tried everything. I even tried repairing the windows folder with the win xp CD and re-installing the service packs. I tried system restore I tried regedit to check if there is anything loded in the startup that isnt suppose to be there and I even tried without anti-virus and with the firewall disabled. all the other PC’s work fine but this one wont. its a sony laptop running XP home. I am just about out of options. has anyone had the same problem? all my programs can access the internet for updates but I cant browse the net, I tried most internet browsers like firefox and opera etc. Please help me. Im going crazy here! Any Idea of whats going on? Oh and I checked the firewall and that’s fine also. I tried winsock repair and it got my email to work again but I still cant browse. it just happed like 2 days ago when I went home it was working and the next day it wouldnt go. the PC is connedted to the internet 24 hours a day and it never gets switched off. could it have come through a windows update? If only I knew what it was. I did a ping to and it sent and recieved all the packets fine. please save me from smashing it :)

by Kris Reid  May 15, 2010 3:32 am

I have basic ability of repairs, but his ones got me…I do lawn services in my area, and was mowing a lawn today when half done it died out instantly, shortly after just starting it about 10 seconds. I did 3 lawn with it before this one, and it was running great, I just got it from my uncle who took really good care of it, because it’s old, but hasnt been used much, and he has a small lawn. Back at my house, I tried a diagnosis, and it’s getting spark, I felt the wire with my hand to be sure. I pulled the flywheel off and the magnetics were covered with like a blackish kind of film. I cleaned them up with sand paper, and the coil end’s as well. it has electroonic points, so no gapping, etc is needed. the wires all seem intact. but I cant try it back out because I stripped the nut & shaft from smashing it with a hammer trying to pull it off. I didnt have the means of a puller, unfortunately. do you think though, this was the problem cleaning contacts, maybe change spark plug?

by Kris Reid  May 10, 2010 11:21 am

I had an iSkin case and the phone fell face down on the sidewalk and the entire screen is smashed. The phone still works though. But I feel like this phone is way to fragile, so I’m considering just breaking the contract and getting a Droid. What are my options though? Can I get a replacement screen or at least have it repaired? Are there other phones from ATT that I should consider. I am aware that my replacement iPhone is going to cost a shitload of money, so that’s not even in the cards.

by Kris Reid  May 8, 2010 3:42 am

my dad let me borrow his laptop but there’s like a dent in it and the screan looks like a smashed window!
Am i screwed? i was thinking of getting it quickly repaired and then giving it him back but how much would it cost?

by Kris Reid  April 17, 2010 12:55 am

Fell and smashed my face.. tore up my nose and lip and broke my two front teeth… have dentist appt this afternoon, but want to know what is cheaper.. partial dentures or crown? Is a crown just a permanent partial denture? and what is a bridge? I want the cheapest option for fixing it.. has anyone ever had a broken tooth repaired with just a type of filling?? My two front teeth are broken in the corners, dead centre. about 1/4 of the teeth are missing.. Thanks

by Kris Reid  April 16, 2010 7:07 pm

bumper radiator and hood at the least are damaged, must be replaced, might need new transmission and new a/c wiring also…it is a 99 dodge intrepid, the engine for the most part is still in tact, what price am i lookin at on repairs? if you could give a price run down on parts, that woud be great as well, or even better, if anyone on here works for dodge or chrysler, i would be very greatful for your information. thanks…

by Kris Reid  March 28, 2010 12:02 am

It gives me a disc read error when I start the game 8 times now. This is the second time I had the hard drive and cd reader replaced from. Should I get an advanced replacement or get it repaired again?

by Kris Reid  March 26, 2010 12:04 pm

It gives me a disc read error when I start the game 8 times now. This is the second time I had the hard drive and cd reader replaced from. Should I get an advanced replacement or get it repaired again?

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