by Kris Reid  May 18, 2010 6:04 am

I consider myself a shade tree mechanic, one of those DIY guys. I also consider myself frugal (cheap) and don’t see the point of spending $350 on a brake job when I can do the majority of the work myself and spend only $100. I also have a project car that’s needing a paint job and some other “serious” work which I’d like to give some attention to. It is an outlet of sorts – getting dirty, using my hands, fixing things, an escape from the mundane office setting.

Due to circumstances I now live in an apartment complex, and they’re pretty strict about their “no mechanic work in the parking lot” policy. So now I have no place to do these things for my vehicle repair and maintenance.

What low-cost options are there for someone like me who wants to work on their car but can’t do it at home? I’m looking for something like an “Auto Hobby Shop”, but I couldn’t find one in my area (Miami, Florida). Any suggestions?

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