by Kris Reid  June 6, 2010 3:02 pm

Heres the first part of the book. The first paragraph is the prologue.

She ran for her life. She could hear their footsteps behind her, getting closer and closer. She knew she couldn’t win. They did too. They were just waiting for her to trip, stumble, and fall so they could get a hold of her. She knew that when they did, they would take her There. She wouldn’t go There. Not again. So she ran as fast as she could. But not fast enough, she knew. The tunnel opened up before her, sunlight warming her face and shoulders. She could shout with joy, she was free. But before she could even think about screaming, she tripped, stumbled, and fell. Just like they had known she would. Her head hit the ground with a loud “Crack!” and everything went black.

Chapter 1:
I was walking down the street when it happened. I had barely even noticed the middle aged man in the navy trench coat. I was just walking along the street, towards my aunt’s store to drop off my little sister before I went to the library. I was walking behind the man when, all the sudden, he disappeared. Not he-moved-somewhere-else disappeared. Like, out-of-thin-air disappeared. There was no sound. No “Poof!” or “Zap!” he was just gone.
My little sister Jenny giggled, “That man was a magic man!”
“Yes, he was a magic man. Wasn’t that a funny magic trick?” I squeaked out
“Mm- hmm,”Jenny said, “He’s good at poofing.”
When we arrived at Aunty Meg’s shop I was still puzzling over what I had seen. Had I imagined the whole thing? I doubt it; people just don’t disappear randomly. I thanked Aunt Meg and started walking down the street toward the library. I bet it was a trick of the light. Yeah, he didn’t disappear, He just moved while the light was in my eyes, or something.
I made it to the library and walked through the big glass doors. The smell of books and pencils penetrated the air. The lady at the big circular desk at the entrance smiled at me.

Then I remembered why I was here. I had a science project due next Thursday. Ugh. I headed toward the reference section, which was in the west wing of the library. The first row of books was on science so I started to skim those. I glanced over to my right, where a girl with a red bow in her hair was sitting on the floor ripping the pages out of a book about quantum physics. I turned back to the book in my hand and skimmed through it. Maybe I should tell her to stop. Who knows who might need that book next? I turned to my right to tell her to stop but the space where she had been was empty.
Chapter 2:
That’s weird. I could’ve sworn… Ugh. Such strange things were happening today. I walked over to where she had been. The book about quantum physics lay on its side with one page halfway ripped out. Where did she go? I looked out of the row of books. She was nowhere to be found. I looked in the rows nearby. No such luck. How did she get so far, so fast? Oh well. Not my problem. I picked up the book and all the pages around it. Maybe the nice librarian could repair it.
I walked to the big circular desk, but the nice librarian wasn’t there. “Um, hello,” I called, “Can anyone help me out?” No one replied. It was totally creepy. Usually all the book-lovers who hang out there shush anyone who talks at all. In fact when I looked around, the library seemed totally empty.
Oh, well. I had my book. I walked through the big glass doors onto the street, where the sound of car alarms and sirens greeted me. I looked around. Cars were smashed together like giant sandwiches and fire trucks were nearby, and water was everywhere, why? Then I realized that all the fire hoses were on the ground spewing water everywhere. I panicked. Who was going to put the fire out? Who would stop the water? What was going on? Then I realized. There were absolutely NO people. No one screaming and running in circles. No fire fighters battling the flames. No one.

Chapter 3:
Then I realized. When I saw the man disappear, it wasn’t a trick of the light. He really had disappeared. My brain was immediately barraged with questions. Why was everyone disappearing? Was I next? Oh crap. What if I am? I could go “Poof!” at any moment. What happened to Aunt Meg and Jenny? I hope their okay! My poor brain. It must have been totally overloaded with questions. I sprinted to my aunt’s store. I burst through the door.
“Aunt Meg?” I called, “Jenny? Are you there?”
“Mia!” My Aunt Meg burst into the room, “Are you alright?”
“Yeah,” I said,”But kind of freaked out. What’s going on?”
“I don’t know hon. All the sudden me and Jen-
Aunt Meg had disappeared. Right before my very eyes. Crap. I almost cried, but I held it in. I had to find Jenny.
I ran through her shop. “Jenny? Jenny! Are you there?”
“Mia?” She said softly.
I turned the corner of the hallway. She was lying on the ground reading a book.
“Oh my gosh, jenny! I was so worried!” I exclaimed
“Why were you worried?” she asked
“Oh honey. I can’t explain right now. We’ve got to go.” I said
“Okay, can I bring my book?” she asked
“Yeah, sure. But do it quickly.” I replied
I ran out of Aunt Meg’s shop. I ran down the sidewalk to our family’s apartment. Oh, mom I hope your okay!

by Kris Reid  June 3, 2010 11:07 pm

there’s a girl at school I like and we used 2 be friends. when I asked her 2 the end-of-the-year social last year, she euphamised “In your dreams” with “sorry, I’m going with my friends,” and it’s probably because I’m artistic insted of athletic. I like being creative, not getting my head smashed in for a football. or maybe because I used 2 have a rep for “annoying as hell” and another 4″loser beyond repair.”now I’m hanging with the populars, and mostly with THE most popular, but the girls still go”ugh/omg, that’s the annoying kid, (my name here).”but still, I have some friends that r girls, and there’s a few chix that go”Hi, (my 1st name)!”enthusiastically in the hallway.I’m on the same buss as the girl I like, and she’s like”oh, please some1 switch seats with me”when there’s no seats left but the 1 next 2 me.and when I blend in with the background and she sits there,some kid is like”omg, (girl I like),ur sitting by (my name)”and she goes”aaah!”and runs 2 ………(see details)
another seat. now that I’m hanging with the top of mount everest, do you think it’s worth another shot? …man, this is tough…
she used 2 be one of my good friends, and she used 2 help me come up with titles 4 me artwork… and I can never get her off my mind…idk what 2 do.
oh yea, a couple of nights ago, I started working on abbs. I have scrambled eggs all the time, so my arms are really muscular… 1 problem is that vegitables make me sick, and I can’t get enough meat. meat is so good, but veggitables, too.

by Kris Reid   3:35 pm

Two years ago while trimming some trees on our property line, my neighbor “accidentally” dropped a large branch that smashed my outdoor brick fireplace. He didn’t even come over and admit it or offer to repair it, so I approached him. He then admitted to it and said if I got the materials he would rebuild it for me. I have the bricks and chimney. When I saw him outside again I pointed it out to him. He stared at the pile of bricks and the chimney for a few moments then said “Well, instead of rebuilding the fireplace, if you have any trash that you ordinarily burn, you can put it in my dumpster out back.” I don’t have that many things to burn, but last week I used the dumpster. A few minutes later I get a phone call from neighbor saying not to be throwing things in his dumpster. I brought up the promise he made. He said he never recalled saying that. I replied that it stemmed from his breaking my fireplace. Now he’s denying that happened. The next thing, I get a summons to appear in local court to answer charges of illegal dumping. I only have his word that he said I could use his dumpster and apparently he has witnesses that will testify that they saw me using the dumpster. Nice guy, huh? What do you think will happen? What should I say in court?

by Kris Reid  June 2, 2010 11:01 pm

its a 2000 jeep wrangler sport that was in a wreck. The tailgate was smashed in and the top is down in the pictures of when it was at the repair shop. im not sure if the top was down at the time of the accident. when we got the jeep, the top was up. the body was all fixed up and the frame of the top doesn’t look bent. the front bar that sits on top of the windshield and latches into is is cracked but it appears very straight and it is very sturdy still. when i put the top up, it takes about 20 minutes on a good day and longer on a bad day. i cannot remove the back window because the zipper is messed up (salt from the roads and all that good stuff). the rear side windows are hard to get in because they hardly stretch and the zippers are kinda messed up. to get the header bar (thing that latches into the windshield) in, i normally have to pull on it with all of my weight and use a soft hammer to tap the latches in. my basic question is: is all of that due to the top just being 9 years old or would the crash have messed up the top hardware also? like i said previously, the hardware looks fine and the top still flips up easily. its just the latching, the stretching of the fabric, and the windows that i have troubles with. thanks

by Kris Reid  May 22, 2010 1:37 pm

I know something about car repair and want to start doing minor things at home. A friend said I can go to Wal-Mart and get a set of Stanley auto tools. Are they adequate, or do I need Craftsman, Snap-On or Mac Tools? Your answers are appreciated!

by Kris Reid  May 21, 2010 12:02 pm

I lent a 12 year-old Nissan Altima sedan to a friend and told him it had a histroy of overheating (I’ve driven this car for nearly three years and it’s over heated maybe ten times, although it hadn’t done so for eight months) and as long as the water was topped up he would be alright.

He returned the car without telling me anything about the fact that it had been overheating during the three days he borrowed it (on the second day he borrowed it he’d been told by a mutual friend of ours not to drive it becuase there was a serious problem).

He then asked to borrow it two days later and it broke down and needs a $500 repair job. Blown head gasket is the problem because he had been driving it with no water in it

Am I negligent for lending a car that may not have been topped up with water, and therefore pay half to fix the car (which may have needed some repairs in the near future)? Or should he pay the $500 and return the car to me as he found it: running very well?



by Kris Reid  May 19, 2010 7:04 am

On March 23, two big branches of city (Palo Alto, CA) owned tree in our front yard fell and smashed my windshield. It also caused dents all over my car. My neighbor across the street witnessed the whole thing and were not only shocked about what they saw and heard, but also worried that their two little boys could get hurt as they play on this quiet street a lot. It worries me as I also have two little kids. We took the advice from the neighbor to file a claim against city for the cost of damage repair.
After two months, we received a letter from city and its “claims adjuster” consultant indicating our claim is rejected. Here is what said in the letter:

“We have received the report we requested from the City’s Tree Department. That report indicates that the City had no notice of dangerous condition of the tree. The City did not cause the tree limb to fall and had no way of knowing that it would fall. Based on these facts, your claim is denied.”…

What should we do? Is it fair? Thx!
Thanks much for your answers. If City is not responsible for any damage caused by city-owned trees, and I cannot get rid of the tree because it’s city-owned, what should I do to protect my property as we all know it will fall again sooner or later. This time is my car and hopefully my little kids will never get hurt because of the tree.
I thought I would only use my car insurance when I am the one causing accident (or to cover those without insurance). Why should I use my insurance for this incident?
Thanks again.

by Kris Reid  May 13, 2010 11:05 pm

my xbox is f***ed and its getting repaired, so ill be playing the wii for now… so i need a decent game, (online preferably), that is reasonably priced, not full price…. most definately not a full price game… (im a bit cheap at the moment).lol

so what can u suggest to me?

don’t say zelda tp, mario galaxy, super smash bros, james bond, guitar hero, metroid, fifa, godfather, scarface, big brain, mario kart wii or no more heroes coz ive already got them!


by Kris Reid  May 8, 2010 3:23 pm

I bought my 1999 Honda Civic with 150K no rust, a starter and remote lock/unlock device, anti theft, cd player, tinted windows a few weeks ago for $4500. Had the car inspected and it was clean inside and out, the mechanic was even impressed with the condition of the car. Two days later I got into an accident, where someone smashed into the front left of my car while I was pulling out, sending me flying into another car to the right of me that was double parked. The insurance company screwed me so I am responsible for the bill.

Now….the guy at the garage told me that I the frame is damaged and I need a new front bumper, headlight, grill etc and the suspension is messed up….so I need new shocks, the table that holds up the hood and bumper and some other things related to that. Total estimate$2200.

Now he says he knows someone that will buy the car for $2000. Should I sell the car, cut my losses and buy another car? Should the repairs cost this much? Is that a good amount for me to sell the car at?If I get the car repaired how likely is it that I will have problems in the future?

It took me almost a year to save for this car and being that I am a student and single mother working only part time I don’t have money just laying around.

Any input as to what I should do or any advice at all would be appreciated. Thanks
and I don’t think you should go around making assumptions when you don’t know what you are talking about. I asked for the coverage I needed, and was told that I had it only to find out that oops somebody made a mistake, it’s a long story that I do not need to explain to you…

by Kris Reid  May 5, 2010 7:19 am

so the other day someone smashes into my car and totals it in the middle of the night and just drives off. so now since my car was so old it doesn’t make any sense to try and repair the damages. my father lives in texas, i love in new york with my mom and step father. so after trying and trying to get my dad to cosign and trying to get my stepdad to cosign we have finally reached a semi agreement. there is a toyota corolla that is 10,000 and my dad would drop a 2,000 dollar down payment, my stepdad would cosign and i would make the $160 monthly payments. i work at target so i dont make all that much each month but i do need a car. but my dad still thinks i should get something like 4,000 and pay it off in cash and not worry about a monthly payment, which is smart because i will be going off to school soon and im pretty sure it will be hard to work and go to school. but then again i think that it would be good because its a good car and if i get a 4,000 car it will be more than likely a peice of junk and will cost me alot of money in repairs and stuff. i just have no idea what to do

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