by Kris Reid  June 8, 2010 7:02 pm

 My brains trying not to squeeze through my skull. Whilst My body seems to be missing a soul. I looked in the reflection my face was blurred. My mouth would move but wouldn’t say a word. So I cut my hand smashing that mirror with my fist. Caus I’ve been trying to remember a memory that doesent exist. Im a ghost walking amongst the living and the dead. A broken nightmare replaying in my head. A boy with no dreams is a boy with no talent. A see through heart makes you feel transparent. I’m stuck with this  false vision. The truth in this lie is I’m trapped in my own prison. My face seems to be one that’s always forgotten. A head that can’t work out how it’s thoughts turnt rotten. I’m up in the clouds having a chat with the lord. Talking in his ear he’s telling me he’s bored. The floor starts to break under my feet. As  I watch hell transend through the street. Can it be repaired I can’t stop this friction. My thoughts rub on my brain like it’s some kind of addiction. There’s something missing behind my appearence. When I try to find out I get blocked by some kind of interference. Trying to buriey the past but it won’t stay in the ground. It goes missing but somehow gets found.      

by Kris Reid  June 3, 2010 7:36 am

to fix it? It’s been smashed and scattered into hundreds of pieces, so it’ll take someone who knows what they’re doing…

by Kris Reid  May 23, 2010 11:05 pm

that someone being my brother. last christmas he bought me an xbox 360. it was an actual gift from him. Recently we got into a big argument and he took my xbox and smashed it into the ground. so now it’s beyond repair and also had a 60$ game inside. He refuses to replace it because he thinks it belongs to him since he payed for it. He is 19 and doesn’t live with me. my parents say that it’s between me and him. so my questions are: is the xbox fully mine since it was a gift given to me from him? question 2: would taking him to court so he would legally have to pay for it actually work? The argument was over a harmless prank i did to his car. i drew funny pictures in the dirt of his window just for laughs. he took it way too seriously. thank you to anyone who answers

by Kris Reid  May 9, 2010 8:34 am

Mine started freezing a lot today.
I called 1-800-4MYXBOX and we went over all the troubleshooting details and came to the conclusion that something was wrong with the console.
I went online, registered my console. Requested for a repair, and printed out my print label for the packaging.
pretty much, here are the main questions im looking to get answered.
1-How long is it going to take(The label says its being sent to texas and I live in louisiana, so will it be shorter?)
2-How do i get around to sending it out? I know UPS, but I’m only 16 here and i dont really know how packaging works
3-Should i put something in the box to make sure my console doesnt get smashed around? example: “popcorn”, or a blanket, or something like that?
4-Does shipping it cost money, or is MS somehow paying for it with this label thing i printed off?

by Kris Reid  April 5, 2010 2:35 pm

I was driving to work yesterday on the freeway in typical morning commuter traffic and I see brake lights ahead. My lane stops…. the guy in front of me stops, I stop, the guy behind me doesn’t stop and smashes right into me.

He pulls around next to me and over to the side and I pull over behind him and put the car in park, then I see he has pulled back out and is driving down the exit ramp. At first I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought he wanted to exchange info off of the freeway so I followed him, then he plows through the intersection and screeches into a shopping center parking lot and is driving super crazy.

While driving through the lot, he was swerving to avoid pedestrians and other cars. At that point I decided to call the police instead of risking getting into another accident. So I call tell them what is happening. We drive out the back side of the parking lot and he goes toward a residential area. I read the plates to the operator and she says thats the most important part and I can stop following.

So I pull back into the parking lot and wait for CHP. The officer took my report and after I was done talking to him, I spoke with a couple guys that worked at the oil change place next to where I was parked. They asked if the guy hit me and took off because they heard the tires screech and saw him speed into the parking lot and keep looking back to see if I was following.

So anyway, this morning the officer called me and said that he found the guy and of course he doesn’t have insurance. What I want to know is, what is my course of action to collect from this guy? I shouldn’t have to pay for my repairs.

The best was that the guy told the officer that he pulled into the parking lot to exchange info but that I never showed. The officer asked why he didn’t call it in and he had no answer. So then I told him what the oil change people said so he said he was going to talk to them and get back to me.

I am just thankful it was just me in the car and that my 1 year old wasn’t with me like he usually is in the mornings.

How do I go about collecting reimbursement for my repairs?
Sorry for not stating this before. I got the estimate yesterday and my insurance company said that since it is under my deductible that they won’t go after him and I have to file a claim with his insurance company…this was before I found out he is not insured. Also, I did file an accident report, I apologize that wasn’t clear when I mentioned the California Highway Patrol officer who took my report.

I am sure this is going to be a lot of work but I know I am not “out of luck” because we have small claims court here in CA where you can sue for judgments under $8000. You don’t need a lawyer for small claims. I would appreciate answers from people that actually have experience with this. Thanks!

by Kris Reid  March 26, 2010 9:36 am

I’m looking into buying an ’07 Chevy Cobalt that has been in an accident. The driver side head light, hood, front bumper cover, passenger side fender, driver airbag, and upper tie bar were all damaged. If I was to buy the car and have it repaired how long would that take? I would like to have my new car as soon as possible, and am hoping that it will not take a terribly long time.

Answers from anyone who works in auto body repair would be greatly appreciated! =]

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